Spirulina-Chlorella flake food

Spirulina-Chlorella flake food

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Spirulina-Chlorella flake food

Available in 15 kg Bag/Box


Complete flake feedstuff for all types of fish
Contains 25% of SPIRULINA & CHLORELLA algae, which is an optimum digestible quantity for all types of fish.

You may feed several times daily. Use only amounts that fish can completely consume in few minutes.

Ingredients: Fish and secondary fish products, cereals, vegetable protein concentrates, dried yeast, crustaceans,SPIRULINA and CHLORELLA algae, oils and fat. It does not contain colouring agents.



Crude protein            48 %
Crude fat                   7 %
Moisture                    8 %
Crude fiber                 2 % 
Ash                           7 %