Energy flake food

Energy flake food

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Energy flake food

Available in 15 kg Bag/Box


Supplementary flake food
Suitable for all types of aquarium fish. Aloe vera extract and L-carnitine aid digestion by decomposing and dissolving excess fat.

You may feed several times daily. Use only amounts that fish can completely consume in few minutes.

Ingredients: Vegetable protein concentrates, shells, algae, fish and fish by-products, cereal, garlic, dried yeast, spirulina, fat, lecithin, antioxidants and artificial colouring.


Crude protein            55 %
Crude fat                   7 %
Moisture                    7 %
Crude fiber                 2 % 
Ash                           7 %

Vitamin A                      45000 U.I. / kg
Vitamin D3                    1500 U.I. / kg 
Vitamin E                      200 mg / kg
Vitamin C                      450 mg / kg